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Dr. Beth Hamann and our team work hard to provide the highest quality of compassionate care that is tailored to meet each patient’s needs. We are proud that our patients recognize this at each visit, and can see that we truly treat each patient like family. We hope that by sharing the testimonials and reviews below you can hear from those that may have been suffering from some of the same problems you might be experiencing, and find out what you can expect from a visit with us.

Cheryl discusses how her overall health has improved through an oral appliance

Chris shares how the team prioritized him to help before a business trip

Linda discusses the high-quality technology used to help improve her sleep

Kevin shares how his sleep quality has improved

Stephanie describes her experience with Agave Sleep & Wellness and how she’s getting a better night’s sleep

Agave Sleep & Wellness Reviews

rene r.

Rene R.

“Cannot say enough good things about this trio of wonderful, gentle, sweet ladies and the help they provide! I visited on a friend’s recommendation for an alternative to a CPAP machine. They got me in early for the appointment, treated me like royalty, and were eager to accommodate my schedule. They even gave a nice cash discount. The friend who referred me has been happily using her oral appliance for months and raves about using it in place of the CPAP masks and noise. Yay for me!”

William B.

“I have been seeing these people with my sleep apnea problem for about 5 years and am extremely please with their service and friendly hospitable manner at all times. They are never too busy to see you when you need attention quickly, even without an appointment when necessary. I am happy with my oral device and use it nightly. They is also have a sonic cleaning device which is great. Just pop in warm water and a tablet and it saves you all the brushing to keep your device clean and you know how important cleanliness is especially with something you place in your mouth. These people are the best.”


Stella Q.

“I have been a patient for 2 years and have had excellent results with my night guard. My last two sleep tests have been perfect. I have no apnea when using it. I no longer use my sleep apnea machine. This office is wonderful with very skilled Doctors and assistants. I would highly recommend them to anyone with a sleep disorder.”


Bradley G.

“I could not be more pleased that I found Dr. Hamann and the staff at Agave Sleep & Wellness. Everyone in the office took great care to make sure I was comfortable during my initial visit and consultation. I am very pleased with the results from my visit and the plan of care I am now under with Dr. Hamann.”